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Pet Dog Show In China

How about getting a Chihuahua pet dog for yourself. It is really one of cutest pet dog that you can keep. Here a display at one of the pet show held in China. Fancy to get hold of your dog and dress into some of the interesting outfits and take […]

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Puppy Nearly Food For Hungry Hawk

It is really a frightening experience to get an airborne attack from above. Pity the poor puppy to suffer the puncture wound to the head. I suppose the pet owner really just got into the nick of time and able to grab the available shovel to fend off the attack. […]

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Woman And Dogs Attacked By Wolves

A pack of wolves attacked three women and their dogs in Alaska where wolf attacks have been increasing in frequency. As explained by Wildlife Biologist Rick Sinnott that the attack close to US army’s Fort Richardson installation near Anchorage marked a new trend by a particularly vicious wolf pack This […]

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Amazing Dog

This Dog Rocks! Even it looks like any average dog, but actually it really an amazing dog that can sell records. Simply great for a lovely dog to do the talk and the singing for rock and roll. Wish that your pet dog to do the same too. Enjoy this […]

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