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Puppy Vaccines

Vaccines are important to your dog's health as they help to ward off illnesses that may otherwise cause problems.  A vaccine helps the puppy's immune system build up antibodies to the specific disease for which it is being given.  That way, when the puppy comes into contact with another dog with Distemper, he already has […]

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When to Change Your Dog's Diet

It is important to you to keep your pet happy and healthy.  How do you know when it is time to change your dog's diet?  Who can you talk to in order to learn more about your dog's diet and what needs to be altered? It may seem that your dog is doing just dandy […]

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Tips to Consider When Determining Your Puppy Dog's Diet

You have recently welcomed a new cute and cuddly puppy into your home. A healthy diet is essential for a long, happy life together. What things do you need to consider when selecting your puppy dog's diet? Always talk to your vet about a proper puppy dog diet. Remember that a puppy dog's diet is […]

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How Your Dog's Diet Affects Outputs

If you are a computer guru, you may remember the term GIGO.  This term stands for Garbage In.  Garbage Out.  So, what does this have to do with your dog's diet?  Well, your dog may be no walking, wagging, and barking computer, but he or she works in the same way.  What food goes into […]

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How to Know if Your Dog's Diet Contains Enough Fatty Acid

Does your pet's skin and coat look shiny and healthy, or is your dog's fur lacking the silky appearance you prefer? Could this indicate the need for more fatty acids in your dog's diet? A dog's diet affects all aspects of his body including the skin and coat. If your dog's diet contains adequate amounts […]

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Protein and Kidney Failure from Your Dog's Diet

Early research indicated that higher levels of protein in your dog's diet would lead to kidney failure.  Do you know if your dog's diet is safe?  Are you killing your furry friend by providing too much protein in your dog's diet? The studies that showed a relationship to high protein levels and kidney failure that […]

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Is There a Difference in a Senior Dog Diet?

You hate to admit it, but your furry pal is getting a little older. You want to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy for many years to come. You have heard all of the hype about the new dog diets for older pets. Is there really a difference between dog food for adult […]

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Importance of a Feeding Schedule in Your Dog's Diet

What your dog's diet consists of is very important.  Your dog's overall health and well being is fueled by excellent food and resources.  Did you know that your dog's diet should be following a feeding schedule? Just as important as what your dog eats, is when you feed your dog.  Similar to humans, your dog […]

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How Treats Affect Your Dog's Diet

You know the importance of choosing a healthy diet for your pet.  You have taken the time and effort to consult with the veterinarian about a healthy and nutritious dog food.  Whether you choose dried food, canned dog food, or make it from scratch, you may be overlooking something extremely important in your dog's diet. […]

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