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This is an important and serious condition (pus in the womb) in which the uterus is infected. Although it is usually confined to maiden bitches of 6 years of age or more, it is occasionall

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Advances in Veterinary Surgery

The past few decades have seen a period of continuing advances in the art and science of veterinary surgery. Even the last few years have seen advances of outstanding value. In the field of surgery, operations are carried out today which a few years ago could not have been contemplated. Operations into the chest cavity […]

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Common Health Problems In Golden Retrievers

Apart from hip dysplasia, there are half a dozen common conditions or diseases that Golden Retrievers tend to suffer from. That's not to say most Golden's are unhealthy. They suffer no more than any other breed. But there are a group of afflictions that are more typically found among them than some others. Skin diseases […]

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Medical Problems Of Golden Retrievers

Epilepsy Also known as seizures, epilepsy disorders normally occur from viral infections, and environmental factors as well. Even though an inaccessible seizure isn’t always a problem, dogs that have recurring seizures should never be bred. Vets can recommend medicines that control recurring seizures, although medicine isn’t always effective. Although epilepsy doesn’t affect the health of […]

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Golden Retrievers And Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a poor formation of the hip joints, which is a common growing disease with younger dogs of virtually every breed. With larger breeds, unsteady hip joints are common, although hip dysplasia can be a serious problem that will limit the physical activity of your Golden. Although many Golden Retriever owners don’t realize […]

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Parasites In Puppies

There are too many internal and external parasites that dogs develop to list here.  They begin in the fetal life of the pup and most times, the Mom already had them when she became pregnant.  After about forty days of pregnancy, the parasites will travel through the placenta to the fetus.  Parasites can also be […]

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Using Inhalation Remedies For Your Dog

These can be exceedingly unpopular with canine patients, but are nevertheless prescribed quite frequently for catarrhal infections, such as are found in distemper. A narrow vessel (for example, a jug or stone jar) is well warmed in the oven, rinsed out with boiling water and refilled with boiling water plus the medicament chosen. This is […]

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Dealing With Acute Masitis

Mastitis, or inflammation of a milk gland, is usually seen in bitches in milk. Therefore this condition arises in bitches which have recently whelped or, less commonly, in those which have had a false or "phantom" pregnancy (i.e., all the changes of pregnancy have occurred but no puppies have been produced). In cases of mastitis […]

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Nutrition for Puppies

When you bring the new puppy home, the first thing you will want to do is feed him. What kind of food do you use? What are his nutritional requirements? Will he like what you give him? Make sure your vet is involved in his diet planning. Make sure the dog's food is healthy and […]

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