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Dog Mesalliance


M?salliance, or accidental mating of the in-season bitch, is a frequent mishap and is often regarded by the owner as a major disaster, especially if the animal has a pedigree. If the bi

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Traveling With Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers love to be included in family activities, which includes take rides in the car and traveling.  They love attention, and love for you to treat them just like they are a member of your family.  When you first get your Golden Retriever puppy, you’ll have to teach him how to enjoy car rides […]

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Adopting An Older Golden Retriever

Those of you who want a Golden Retriever but aren’t ready to go through the trials and tribulations of a puppy, should look into adopting an older Golden. Older Golden Retrievers are mature, and prove to be great in homes where they need to spend a quality amount of time by themselves. They are a […]

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Caring For Your Older Dog

Once your dog becomes older it is time to take some preventative steps in order for them remain healthy, happy and active. Have your vet examine your pet annually or more often, if necessary. As in humans, keep your dogs weight within the proper or optimum range. An overweight dog has far more health problems […]

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Taking Care Of Your Puppy's Health

You need to keep a watchful eye on your pup at all times.  His environment, food, and social factors can affect him in different ways.  Most importantly, he can become deathly ill with some of the illnesses that befall puppies.  When you need to identify a problem, be sure to include your vet in the […]

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Exercising Your Puppy

Puppies can be quite active and they need exercise to keep them in good shape.  Usually a brisk thirty to sixty minute walk can be quite invigorating for them.  If you are unable to do this every day, ensure your yard has more than adequate space for the pup to run around in and play.  […]

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Basic Principals For Caring Of Puppies

You must keep a watchful eye on your puppy making sure he doesn't eat too much food or too little.  Simply going by the recommended amount on the label may not be enough for a growing puppy.  He may need a little extra sometimes.  But with an increase in food, you must increase exercise or […]

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Basic Puppy Care

After you select the puppy of your dreams, you get to take him home without a manual to tell you how to succeed at raising him.  The first night is always hard because the puppy will start to miss his Mom and other siblings.  He may cry or whine through out the night.  One can […]

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When to Stop Your Dog's Diet?

There are times when you should stop your dog's diet immediately. Although these situations occur rarely, it is important to know when and how to cease your dog's diet. Typically, pet owners are advised to make changes in a dog's diet gradually. Consistency is frequently the rule of thumb when it comes to your dog's […]

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