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How Much Should I Feed My Dog

How much should I feed my dog?

Many people will give different types of answers based on their experience with their dogs. However, the scientific facts related to the feeding aspects in case of

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Home Dental Care For Dogs

Home dental care

Home dental care is to be given more emphasis nowadays because of the fact that the dental diseases are emerging in the case of pet animals like dogs to a greater extent. Though y

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How Often Should I Feed My Dog

How often should I feed my dog?

This often becomes an important question asked by many dog lovers and dog owners. If it is a puppy within age of the first six weeks, the puppies need to be given

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Fleas And Thorns In Your Dog's Pads

Thorns In Pads

This minor mishap occurs frequently with dogs whose lives are not bounded by an asphalt road or concrete side-walk. It is only minor in nature, like a blister on a human foot, and if

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Looking After Your Dog's Eyes

Looking After Your Dog`s Eyes

1. Scratches of the eye.
2. Foreign bodies.
3. Extrusion of the eye-ball.

Eyes are extraordinarily delicate and tender organs. Any injury or mishap to them should

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Dealing With Wounds In Dogs

Dealing With Wounds

These fall into four principal categories: incised (when there is a clean cut, as from a knife), lacerated (when the skin and other parts are torn), contused (when bruising is a

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Whilst the natural process of birth is in no way an emergency, and if normal does not require any assistance or first-aid measures, a number of variations of, or from, the normal may arise

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Caring For Your Dog Post Operation


The care of post-operation cases will depend to a large extent on the nature and severity of the operation, and whether surgical measures have been carried out as the

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Dealing With Foreign Bodies In Dogs

Dealing With Foreign Bodies

Objects which become lodged in various parts of an animal's digestive tract are referred to collectively as foreign bodies. The subject is complex as the object may bec

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