Terrier Dogs That You Would Find Interesting

The personality of a lively child put into dog- this might be a good way of describing the general personality of terriers. But as it appears, that still would not justify their temperaments. These dogs came from the British Isles where they were first oriented to hunting fox, rat, otter and the likes over and […]

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Clicker Training Tips

Clicker training is a form of reward based, highly motivational training method to obtain the types of behaviors you want in your dog. So effective is this method that many dog trainers have started to run training classes using exclusively just clickers. In clicker training, whenever your dog has done something right, you will click […]

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Tips For Training Your Dog

Are you trying to decide what level of training is right for you and your dog? What most dog owners want is simply a well mannered, socially acceptable dog. How much work does it takes to achieve that goal depends on several factors which the most important of them are: you, the teaching methods, the […]

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Hello! Welcome to

Welcome to This site is to provide dog owners and dog lovers with relevant information and latest news going round in the dizzy world of being a dog owner. We hope to bring together all dog owners and dog lovers into a tiny site to provide an avenue for everyone to bask in the […]

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